Akhil Sindhwani Music Academy

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” ― Victor Hugo


We believe in holistic teaching. All our courses cover fundamentals, theory and practicals with FUN being the integral element. Select from our most popular courses to learn more or sign up for a free lesson. 

Hobby Course

A beginners course that teaches you the basics of music, and guitar in 8 weeks. Possible side effects - a lot of fun, impressed friends and family, connecting to music in a more holistic way. Offered individually or in a group, both online or offline.

Budding Singer Songwriter

Our intermediate course. This course is specifically designed to learn guitar and sing along your favourite songs. You will get a good understanding of the structure of songs and discover your own musical talents in just 8 weeks. Both individual and group classes are offered.

Continual learning plan

When you are on a journey to fully explore your musical talents, you need a carefully curated learning plan. It is important to learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and to learn techniques that bring out your unique style.
Individual lessons only.

Student Testimonials

"Akhil sir is one of those amazing teachers I have had the luck of learning from. It's astounding how he breathes music and can inspire you too. In my two months of learning, I have not only learnt the practical aspect of playing guitar but also the theory that builds and makes it up. Thanks to such a masterful teacher like Akhil sir that I want to continue pursuing my interest in learning guitar further."
Reema Arora
"Every teacher is qualified to teach but not every teacher has the unique technique of teaching that Akhil has. Akhil sir you taught me in a very unique and incredible way, if you were not there then i wouldn't have cracked the white hat jr recruitment process. The honesty and dedication you have in teaching and achieving the result is what makes you different from others. One of the best teachers I have met."
Areeb Ullah Khan
" Learning guitar with Akhil Sir was one of the best experiences I had. Akhil Sir is very talented taught me guitar in simplest way in just few days!!!! And i don't know how these days went by!! I learned many things about music, chords theory , how to play different things scales , plucking , ear training and much more!!!! At last , THANK YOU SO MUCH And i am very happy that i am connected with AKHIL SIR ..THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR FOR teaching this new skill"
"Mr. Sindhwani taught me whatever i needed to learn (for sight reading) but also taught me some other amazing and really helpful things which i never knew before. I just had to express what I wanted to learn and he could teach it in a very creative way. There are no boundaries in learning if you use a different instrument, I play piano and his main instrument is guitar but still the flow of teaching and learning was really smooth"

About Me

I am a professional musician with over 10 years of experience in the music industry. I am a composer, music producer, songwriter, live performer and an educator. Check out my works below.

E.P. Hear me out

Hear me out explores our relationship with the mysteries of the simple world, a tribute to individual courage, and inspirations.

Mann - Original Composition

This song explores our struggles with desires. Written by lovely poet Mr. Sham Lal Mehta, and sung by Abhimanyu Bhola,


HarmoNOnium is a group of musicians with a style free from the shackles of definition. NO Nium(नियम) NO Rules.

The Lab Rat Deciphers

A collaboration between Joshua D'Souza & Akhil Sindhwani, influenced by electronic music, synthesisers & sampling, this music is a breath of fresh air.

Your unique music journey

It doesn’t matter where you are in your musical journey. Let’s connect and explore where we can be in the future. 

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